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All of ILR's services are free and available to consumers and their families who reside in Contra Costa and Solano Counties. All services are provided regardless of race, religion, income, age, gender, or type of disability. Please call for an appointment to see a service specialist. We maintain a scent free environment. Please refrain from wearing fragrances when visiting our offices.

Accessibility Services
ILR provides accessibility education, surveys and consultations regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other legislation. ILR can assist individuals and companies develop accessibility.

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology is any object, device or tool that allows one to live independently. Assistive Technology may be as simple as Velcro on shoes or as sophisticated as computer software for the visually impaired. ILR helps people acquire the necessary assistive device for their needs and teaches consumers how to properly use them. 

Attendant Referral / Personal Assistance
ILR runs a registry of carefully selected personal attendants who specialize in working with disabled people and assists in the activities of daily living. 

Benefits Counseling / Advocacy
ILR provides individualized benefits counseling. Counseling can range from providing general information and referrals to helping clients apply for eligible benefits programs, such as Social Security, work-incentive programs and health insurance. ILR also provides assistance and representation to those having difficulties with benefits programs.

Community Education
ILR conducts educational events and activities for the community on issues that affect the Disability Community. ILR also provides special topic speakers, sensitivity training, accessibility surveys and consultations regarding compliance with relevant state & federal regulations.

Housing Services
ILR assists consumers in seeking affordable and assessable housing. ILR provides information and education regarding fair housing laws, and can help you explore your options when it comes to renting or home ownership. ILR also provides help concerning other housing related issues, such as landlord/tenant issues, mediation, roommates (shared housing), etc.

Independent Living Skills
Education and training to develop practical life skills that are imperative to independent living. Instruction is provided on an individualized basis and can include:

  • Money Management and Paying Bills
  • Using public transportation
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Housing Agreements and Responsibilities
  • Social Skills

Information and Referral
ILR maintains an extensive reference library that offers information about services, products and community resources of interest to people with disabilities, seniors, other service providers and professionals. On site ILR counselors offer consultations to clients and their families to match them with appropriate resources in the community.

Peer Counseling / Support
ILR's trained peer counselors are people with disabilities themselves and thus have an understanding of the challenges our clientele face. Peer Counselors offer a lending ear and can help clients deal with a variety of issues, such as social adjustment, social skills and interpersonal relationships. ILR offers individual, family and group counseling.

Systems Advocacy
ILR's staff actively advocates to continually improve the lives of those with disabilities. ILR's goal is to eliminate physical and mental barriers as well as end discriminatory practices within the institution and the community at large. ILR often addresses issues of civil rights, public transportation, fair housing and policy change.